Natural fatty acids

what is Palm oil?

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  Palm oil is frequently acclimated for the assembly of stearic acid. For the assembly of procaine hydrochloride, procaine hydrochloride, benzoic acid, folic acid, benzocaine, retired cough, cephalosporins V, benzoyl amino acid, mollusk aminomethyl Neil and assembly of acknowledging red M-8B acknowledging red - violet X-2R and clarify agency blush blur couplers, metal apparent blight remover, sunscreen.

  This artefact contains 43% of palmitic acid, 41% of oleic acid, 10% of beat berry oleic acid, 3% of myristic acerbic and 3% of stearic acid.The melting point is 40~47℃ and the iodine amount 32~35 ,saponification amount 190~202.It is acrid in oganic solvents such as alcohol,ether etc.It can appear esterification and aminationIt .is acclimated in alertness for plamitic acid,oleic acerbic and soap.

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